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Interview: Remi Odunsi / Hair & Makeup Artist

This week Slate sat down with Hair and Makeup Artist Remi Odunsi. ——————- —– Tell me, how did you initially get into Hair and Makeup? ———————— You know, my story is pretty non-traditional. A few years back, I had a quarter-life crisis of sorts. I hated my job, I had broken up with a guy …

The Future of Fur

Joining Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren, Gucci have announced that it will be going fur-free. When announcing this decision during the fourth annual Kering sustainability talk, CEO Marco Bizzarri said using real fur feels “outdated.” With this announcement, the question arises whether other large brands will follow suit…   Pete Killian, principal at …

Interview: Camille from Vavoirhigher

Hometown: ————————- Montpellier, South of France. ————————- ————————- Current Location: ————————- ————————- Montpellier, South of France. ————————- ————————- Favorite social media platform and why? ————————- Definitely Instagram, it’s very visual. When you arrive on someone’s account you know immediately if you like his/her universe or not. It’s also a very powerful media that has now became …

#SlateSounds 003

Welcome to SlateSounds, a weekly playlist curated by Slate Studios and friends. This week we are listening to musical recommendations from our Post-Production Manager Ashley.

Eco Fashion in 2017: How Slow Fashion is Speeding Up

Cancerous pesticides. Exploitative labor. Polluted Water. What exactly is the price of looking good these days?   As the world’s second largest global polluter, the fashion industry catwalks right behind fossil fuels as the most dangerous threat to our planet. The rise of disposable clothing — a myth, since it’s not really disposed of for …

Interview: Savannah White / Stylist

This week Slate sat down with stylist and creative consultant Savannah White. ——- Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansa ————————- Current Location: Brooklyn, New York ————————- Favorite fashion era: 60’s or the 90’s ————————- Favorite SS18 show: Jacquemus Source: Vogue.com ————————- Describe your personal style: Classic and laid back ————————- How did you initially get into styling? When …

Targeting Generation Next: Concept Stores You Should Visit

How are luxury brands going to capitalize on ‘Generation Next,’ a phrase coined by Business of Fashion which refers to the combination of Millennials and Generation Z? Based on the recent moves made by different players in the industry, from Gucci to Nordstrom, it appears that selling an experience is the way to reach this …

#SlateSounds 002

Welcome to SlateSounds, a weekly playlist curated by Slate Studios and friends. This week we are listening to musical recommendations from our Marketing Manager, Tara Miskelly.

Interview: Nima Habibzadeh / Stylist + Creative Director at NR Magazine

This week Slate sat down with stylist and creative director Nima Habibzadeh. ——- Hometown: London, UK   Current Location: London, UK   Favorite fashion era: I loved the 1990’s. I always look back at collections, movies, musicians and artists from that era. Designers like Gianni Versace, musicians like Selena and Tupac and movies like The Craft …

#SlateSounds 001

Welcome to SlateSounds, a weekly playlist curated by Slate Studios and friends. This week we are listening to musical recommendations from our Marketing Coordinator, Alice Waterhouse.

Skincare Trends You Need to Know About

The US skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, here are some of the trends that will dominate this industry for the foreseeable future. Spoiler: gone are the days of washing your face with just a bar of soap!   Go Green   From Tata Harper to Herbivore Botanicals, green beauty (also known as non-toxic or …

Slate’s Guide to Long Island City

Slate Studios is based in Long Island City (LIC), a metropolitan hub perched on the East River. Often underrated, our home-town does not get the credit it deserves. Not only can you take some breathtaking photos of the Manhattan skyline; you can peruse world class galleries, sip curated cocktails and stay in an uber-cool boutique hotel. …

Interview: Lauren Caruso / Editorial Director at Bandier

This week Slate sat down with content marketing guru Lauren Caruso to discuss her career and all things Instagram.   Q1. Hi Lauren, congrats on the job at Bandier! Tell me, how did you initially get into writing?   Thanks so much! It’s a big departure from the publishing world, but I’m learning so much. …

NYFW Trend Update

With New York Fashion Week behind us and London Fashion week underway, Slate Studios takes a look at some of the trends taking over the runways.   Lavender Dreams Images L to R: Tibi, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham If 2017 was the year of Millennial Pink, 2018 is set to be the year of lavender. Models …

The Latest Instagram Trends You Need to Know About

In an age where we are constantly exposed to various types of media and content, our attention span has dwindled substantially. With this the question arises: what content really captures our attention and prompts us to take action (or in this case, to double tap)? Hélène Heath from Dash Hudson argues, “what triggers people to …

The Connection Between
Activewear and Social Media

The Flatiron District in NYC consists of ten blocks of retail stores. What started out as a facet of the retail area has now expanded to a sprawl of strictly activewear shops to include Lululemon, Gap Inc’s Athleta, Nike, along with several other brands. According to financier Morgan Stanley, the global activewear market is expected …

PR Gets Gritty – An Interview with Grit Co-Founder Blake Scotland

Blake Scotland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Grit PR and marketing agency, knows a thing or two about creating successful marketing strategies and PR campaigns. The Georgetown grad founded Grit alongside Janjay Sherman, who was just exiting her role as PR and Talent Relations Director at Paper Mag.   Blake Scotland, Co-Founder and Managing …

The ‘Porcelain’ Touch: A Conversation with Moby

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, DJ, and photographer – Moby – can now add “author” to his rolodex of career titles. Last month, Moby released his memoirs book entitled ‘Porcelain.’ In junction with the book release, the veteran artist also dropped an accompanying album, ‘Music From Porcelain,’ that capture his original songs and those that influenced his …

The Creative Class:
Directing The Future of Fashion

The rapid pace of fashion isn’t new. An overabundance of shows, sets, ad campaigns and locations have inundated industry insiders for more than a decade. But other than widespread burnout, it may have produced another unintended consequence: the rise of the creative director.

Top Six NYC Festivals
You Must Attend This Summer

Summer kicks off in June and along with it comes a series of music, art and culture immersive festivals around NYC. Here, Slate Journal compiles a list of the top five NYC-area music and art festivals taking place this summer.

The Creative Class:
Photographer, Angelo D’ Agostino

Angelo D’Agostino has a solid eye when it comes to studio photography and lighting. Spawning from an Italian electric engineer who worked on military airplanes and a Korean fine artist, inside a little town in Vermont with a picturesque Quarry, we can see how lines and lighting has influenced in his photographic work.

The Creative Class:
Photographer, Venus Tong

If Instagram is the King then Venus Tong is the Queen behind those beautiful images. Venus started her photography career at 16 and has a love for still life photography. Her unique aesthetic brings her to the Instagram world.

Instagram Ads vs. Influencer
Marketing: Deciding What’s Best for Your Brand

As the largest and fastest growing social network, Instagram is a hotbed for advertising; however, it’s also been somewhat of a battleground for marketers who are eager to tap into its pool of savvy consumers, but were met with resistance by way of Instagram’s limited ad capabilities.

The Creative Class:
An Interview with Andrew Cinnamon of Cinnamon Projects

There’s no doubt that various scents – much like music – can take you to a place of nostalgia. Fragrances of which create a multisensory dialogue binding the present, past and future. That’s where Cinnamon Projects Incense and Accords fit in.

The Creative Class:
Photographer, Pablo Ravazzani

Few photographers exhibit a sharp sense of detail like photographer Pablo Ravazzani, who has photographed BTS for luxury fashion brands including Narciso Rodriguez, Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Thom Browne.

Top Five DJ-Producers
That Take the Dancefloor to the Runway

The strong correlation between high fashion and music is especially evident during Fashion Week. Supermodels strut down the runway to a backdrop of house music, techno and a hybrid blend of hip hop or rock with electronic based music undertones.

For Oculus to Succeed,
VR Needs to Succeed

Competition in the video game world can be pretty cut-throat—they don’t call it the console war for nothing. Whenever a new generation of home video game machines emerges, it sometimes almost feels as though the manufacturers—behemoths like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo—delight in trying to eviscerate each other.

Is Luxury E-Commerce Nearing
Its Tipping Point?

How might luxury e-commerce develop over the next five to ten years? As part of our annual Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Luxury Experience Observatory, we analyzed the online-sales trajectories of more than 50 luxury brands over the past decade. What we found is that the market’s sales trajectory resembles an S-curve that can be disaggregated into three steps:

Why Influencer Marketing Delivers
High ROI for Brands

Influencer marketing has become an established method of presenting a marketing message to the right audience, but it seems that some marketers are still unconvinced. We know the benefits it can bring to a campaign, but according to Collective Bias there’s another metric we hadn’t considered: time spent with content.

How Luxury Brands
Create a Premium E-Commerce Experience

Online luxury e-commerce is shouldered into the same playing field as any other retailer, and pixels alone don’t make for a premium experience. How to make a webpage feel luxurious is a challenge high-end designer brands are still trying to figure out.

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