Our commitments

Since 2015, Slate Studios has committed to inclusivity across our field of work in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Through our initiatives in creative content production, our responsibility resides in providing ethical casting practices, art direction and photo and motion production services. As New York’s leading content production company and photography studio, Slate Studios continues to celebrate diversity among our roster of talent and growing clientele.

Studio Rental by Slate Studios, New York
Studio Rental by Slate Studios, New York

For over seven years, Slate Studios has actualized production objectives for clients including Narciso Rodriguez, The RealReal and Zara. Centered on e-commerce, high end retouching and photo and motion production, we are proud to strategize and support digital content directives for the industry’s most recognized names.




Slate Studios is Founded

We focus our first services as a Creative Production Company on photography, motion production, and high-end retouching, centered on the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Strategy, creativity, innovation, and quality have been at our core since the beginning. 


Slate Commits to Building an Inclusive Workplace

At Slate Studios, we start building an equitable, diverse and inclusive space by providing resources and opportunities, promoting a learning culture, and fostering ethical practices throughout all our activities.



Slate Builds E-Commerce Production as a Service

With E-Commerce booming and granting brands a wider control of their customer messaging, we incorporate E-Commerce Production into our list of services, delivering end-to-end content projects for our clients. We begin offering on-model photography and product photography via ghost mannequin, tabletop, pinup, and flat-lays.



Slate Introduces Studio 1

Studio 1 is inaugurated, a 4,200 SF space in Long Island City, featuring an entire cyc wall and multiple shooting bays. With southeast daylight exposure and hardwood floors, it's a space filled with light and well equipped for advertising and editorial productions in New York.


Slate Builds Studio & Equipment Rentals as a Service

With the new studio space, we incorporate Studio & Equipment Rentals as a service: we can now develop in-house projects fully, from creativity to production to post-production across still and motion.



Slate Introduces Studio 2

We present a new space to fulfill our client's needs for commercial motion production and event services, with high ceilings, concrete floors, and 13,000 SF in Brooklyn. We are now fully equipped for a wide range of digital content productions from advertising to e-commerce, including live events. 



Slate Builds Motion Production as a Digital Only Service

At Slate Studios, we establish Motion Production as digital only, delivering digital video content with high production value adaptable to all platforms. Video has quickly become paramount, and our film productions are an immersive content experience imbued with emotion, helping build brand-consumer connection.



Slate Commits to Remote Work Practices

We started applying remote practices, streamlining communication processes, giving our team the right tools and resources, and prioritizing connection and synergy. We're heading towards a broader digitalization but always keeping a solid network and tight contact with our clients.



Slate Builds CGI as a Digital Only Service

Our CGI skills, applied for e-commerce production across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, are one of our greatest tools to empower digital brand growth. By 2023, all of our CGI services will become Digital Only, simplifying and optimizing our processes and fully integrating them into our roster of production tools.


Slate Commits to the Carbon Neutral Initiative

We'll join the Carbon Neutral Initiative to work towards a climate neutral world by 2050, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement. We're actively working on making all our processes more sustainable, and becoming carbon neutral through CO2 compensation is a fundamental step for us.