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Despite the complexities of our modern world where the ways which we conduct our lives are changed with increasing haste, the simple art of an image still overrides all other communicative means. Whether that image is static or in motion, documented or digitally formed, its evolutions are irrelevant to the impact of its existence – to evoke emotion, to influence impression, to serve as a narrative that transports its viewer.

The exploration of how that essence can be conceptualized and captured and distributed in various forms is an exciting endeavor for the visually passionate to practice and perfect, and that at Slate Studios is our constant aim.

For however you’ve come to know us, Slate was born from the admiration of ecommerce, for the love of shooting with rhythm, with pace, with precision at times.

We wanted to further that efficiency with a vertical approach to content creation where a brand could find everything needed in one place and leave their looks or products in confident hands to have images produced that are more than simply saleable, but an extension of a broader visual story.

To that end we’ve founded a studio that offers everything in-house from equipment to casting to color correction with a team avid about evaluating processes and exploring every efficiency.

Well-shot work does not need to be cost prohibitive, and by sourcing our own talent and investing in our own space, we get to serve inspiring brands that we believe in, whether in their infancy or more solidly established.

Photography by Slate Studios


As we’ve recently passed our own one-year mark as a business, we look for ways to expand and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

With digital at the forefront of our work, new technologies and creative tools are actively in our sights. The industries of fashion, beauty and consumer goods are on the verge of following the entertainment business in adopting virtual reality and computer generated imagery as regular instruments for content creation and distribution. Quite the interesting turn of events this will be as animators edge out photographers and avatars simulate models.

Yet imagine the versatility potentially afforded to the consumer who might then get to view clothes on their own body size and skin color, while customizing outfits and testing different accessories at an easy, clickable whim.

With the increased capacity for brands to more rapidly refresh their online offerings, enabled by this technology, we work to add these abilities to our own inventory of services along with other advanced forms of motion capture.

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Photography by Slate Studios

Social Trends

Our aspirations take us further into the realms of social content. Products can no longer sit solely stagnant on a site; they deserve to be represented in ways that inspire interaction and lifestyle, which helps them seep into the modern consciousness.

The energy of Instagram and its various offspring seems far from subsiding and affords each brand a direct conversation with its devoted following along with an amazing opportunity of being discovered by those yet to be enlightened. A posting of this nature should be planned and considered similar to a magazine campaign. This content is a continuation of that visual voice that defines a brand’s ethos.

To aid in crafting that message, we look to share our own creative directives with clients and collaborate on all-encompassing campaigns where every element, from landing pages and look books to Vine videos, live in line with that voice.

Photography by Slate Studios

As an exciting addition to our own digital presence, we introduce our blog, The Journal, a place where we’ll expand on our study of these activities in essays and interviews, sharing insights around marketing methods, new technical discoveries and their potential, creative strategies, business practices, and feature brands we work with and love.

The Journal will be where existing and perspective clients can discover our style, our focuses and our influences of creative minds in the industry that we truly admire. Our initial running features will include a series entitled ‘The Creative Class’ that will highlight creative brand architects and influencers who share their words on their creative processes and how they balance that with the business side of running a company.

The Rules of Business

A second series, ‘The Rules of Business’ will elaborate on the five most important rules of business from executives working in those strategic roles.

It is with this new platform that we’ll get to further our passion for exploring every avenue of content creation and impart that expertise with our fellow and future collaborators.

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CGI by Slate Studios

The ways in which we buy and sell, the mindsets that inspire us to do so are in a state of true transition. Presenting a strong and unmistakable image is imperative to stand apart from the crowd and catch the interest of an eye already inundated with an influx of visual feeds.

Every aspect of digital output should appear as appealing and well designed as the product being promoted. There’s an added comfort that comes with consistency. Yet the usual methods of achieving those goals are often economically exhaustive and terribly time consuming in an industry weighted by archaic systems.

But perhaps a place, unique in purpose, that understands and appreciates those challenges while remaining adamant that quality of work does not have to sacrifice its polish and point of view for productivity, and can infuse innovation all under one roof provides a pragmatic approach to balancing business and vision – a compact creative force; a clean slate.

Photography by Slate Studios

Our team at Slate is looking forward to the future of creative production and we love supporting businesses in their content creation goals.

For further information and for inquiries into upcoming projects, please contact our team at info@slate-nyc.com or call us at 212 390 0243. We are looking forward to helping your brand create content that establishes a unique and productive visual identity moving forward.