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Interview: Savannah White / Stylist

This week Slate sat down with stylist and creative consultant Savannah White.



Fayetteville, Arkansa


Current Location:

Brooklyn, New York


Favorite fashion era:

60’s or the 90’s


Favorite SS18 show:



Source: Vogue.com


Describe your personal style:

Classic and laid back


How did you initially get into styling?

When I first got to New York I started interning at a magazine. After being there awhile I started assisting the stylists on set which is what led to me eventually pursue styling.


Where do you source your inspiration?

Life experiences, from the people I surround myself with, traveling, music, film.


Source: Instagram (@savwhite)


What is the most glamorous part of the job? And what is the least?

The part of my job I enjoy most is getting to create and collaborate with other creatives I admire and that share a similar vision. Least favorite part of my job, being a bag lady.


What advice would give to someone wanting to pursue a styling career, particularly in the midst of this digital era?

With editorial moving more and more to the digital space, I think now is a great time to freely create, experiment, and put out work that you care about. Also, research and surround yourself with people you can learn from and that keep you inspired.


Thanks Savannah! Check out more of Savannah’s work here.