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Interview: Nima Habibzadeh / Stylist + Creative Director at NR Magazine

Photography by: Instagram (@nimahabibzadeh)

This week Slate sat down with stylist and creative director Nima Habibzadeh.



London, UK


Current Location:

London, UK


Favorite fashion era:
I loved the 1990’s. I always look back at collections, movies, musicians and artists from that era. Designers like Gianni Versace, musicians like Selena and Tupac and movies like The Craft to name a few. I think it was such a defining era for so much in entertainment and really inspired me growing up.
slate-studios-nyc-saint-laurent-ss-18Source: Pinterest
Favorite SS18 show:
Saint Laurent- I loved everything from the collection to the production. I’ve been such an admirer of Anthony Vacarello’s work for such a long time!


Describe your personal style:
I think my personal style is a balance of London street wear and Parisian tailoring. The base of my wardrobe consists of key basics with really clean fresh cuts. I always try mix up my outfits by adding stand out pieces such as a really interesting bag, sunglasses or a great pair of shoes. I was always so inspired by artists such as Basquiat, designers Mary-Kate and Ashley and musicians like Prince and Rihanna when it came to developing a personal style, they always managed to develop looks which balanced comfort with style in an effortless way.



Source: Instagram (@nimahabibzadeh)

A trend you’ll be glad to see the back of:
Cycling shorts for sure! I just don’t understand it.

How did you initially get into styling?
When I was at University studying Law, I had been interning for fashion houses and publications and doing short courses in Design on the side too. I always had a really creative mind but I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue further and focus my energy on. Eventually when I graduated, I ended up assisting a Senior fashion editor. I did that for a few months and decided that I really liked it but wanted to go and do it for my own projects. One of my friends who I had attended university with also wanted to start her own projects too. We decided to start up our own print publication, NR MAGAZINE and have been styling most of the shoots in each issue since its conception.


Where do you source your inspiration?
It varies so much. I get a lot from attending art exhibitions- its incredible the amount of inspiration you get from different eras or another artists projection. I also like to travel and source my creativity from different countries and cultures like Japan and Italy. I also love checking out tumblr blogs to be honest, it’s one of the best ways to get inspiration from.



Source: Tumblr (Nima Habibzadeh)

What is the most glamorous part of the job? And what is the least?
It’s funny because before I got into the industry I thought it would be so ‘glamorous’ all the time but the reality is that its about 10% glamorous and 90% hard work. I think being lucky enough to attend events and shows every season would be the most ‘glamorous’ part. The least would be the amount of work and commitment which goes in to before and after a shoot or a project. I would say its more rewarding than glamorous.


What has been the highlight of your styling career so far?
Every shoot I produce or style is a highlight to be honest. I feel like I’m constantly pushing myself and evolving and trying to create art. I definitely put in 100% in everything I do, so each project for me is a highlight in its own right.


What advice would give to someone wanting to pursue a styling career, particularly in the midst of this digital era?
Have the best work ethic, because there is always someone behind you, more talented and ready to take your place so work hard and never give up (that applies to any career you want to pursue to be honest.) I think the digital era is actually giving stylists and creative directors even more opportunities in some ways, companies and clients want to develop digital content as opposed to just print now.
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Check out more of Nima’s work on Instagram @nimahabibzadeh + @nrmagazine.