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The Connection Between
Activewear and Social Media

The Flatiron District in NYC consists of ten blocks of retail stores. What started out as a facet of the retail area has now expanded to a sprawl of strictly activewear shops to include Lululemon, Gap Inc’s Athleta, Nike, along with several other brands.

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According to financier Morgan Stanley, the global activewear market is expected to reach $83 billion in revenue by the year 2020. Even singer-songwriter Beyoncé just launched her first activewear collection, Ivy Park, this April.

With such a competitive market, activewear brands are turning to social media to help bolster their outreach to turn interested window shoppers into customers.

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Photography via Alala Style

In L2’s 2015 activewear study, 91% of activewear brands are producing motion content while only 68% are producing a blog. More than half have created a ‘look’ to help customers find a suitable style and to conceptualize their niche within the market, however, most brands miss the mark in converting the creative to commerce. Just 29% of brands link video pages to product pages. And only 44% of activewear lines link blog content to styles featured in the blog.

The best remedy to connect the creative with the ecommerce component is to feature shoppable user-generated Instagram feeds on brand landing pages.

The activewear brand, Reef, makes use of ‘UGC’ [User Generated Content] partnered with product pages successfully. Another brand tying social media and ecom together is Lucy’s. The brand combines styles hosted from blog posts with its ‘quick shop’ feature via landing page. Timberland uses Instagram to its advantage by including shoppable Instagram feeds through the brand’s landing page.

Activewear imprints to watch such as Bandier, Alala and Zara would do well to combine their creative content and ad campaigns with social media shoppable capability.

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Photography via Bandier


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